What is love?

No lie, I miss you
Whenever I start feeling lonely, I think of you
I miss how I felt when you were there
How comfortable I was and just feeling your presence
But it’s crazy you know…

I don’t miss how you mistreated me
The things you’d say to people
Things that were only for us to share and hear
How awful of a person I was to you
And how much you hated me

So I don’t know why I miss you
Was it because you were my best friend
And I feel like I’m missing out on something now that you’re gone?
Or what?

Maybe I miss how loving you were
Aside from the asshole you were, you were a romantic
So charismatic, so daring, so different

But I couldn’t love you
Because I just didn’t know how to love
And maybe I shouldn’t have loved
But I did
And you taught me love

I think that’s why our relationship was so meaningful


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